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Custom Calling Features

We offer these calling features to help our customers make better use of their telephone. Call Features can be purchased individually or as part of Simple Solution Bundle.

*72 Call Forward Allows you to forward your calls to another number. Star72
*90 Call Forward - Busy When your line is busy, forward the calls to another number. Star90
*92 Call Forward - No Answer Whenever you are unable to answer the phone, forward your calls to another number. Star92
*63 Call Forward - Selective Allows you to program your phone to forward only those calls from a special list of people to another number. Star63
*72 (*73 deactivate)
Call Forward - Remote Access
Allows you to activate or deactivate call forward feature from any touch tone phone.
*77 Call Rejection - Anonymous Allows you to reject calls from private numbers. Star77
*74 Speed Calling Short List Allows you eight local or long distance number in your speed calling list. You can reach those numbers by dialing just one number. Star74
*69 Automatic Recall Allows you to easily dial your last caller even if you didn’t answer. Your phone will keep trying the line for the next 30 minues and a special callback ring alerts you if the line becomes available. Star69
*66 Automatic Callback Redials the last busy number you called and keeps trying until the line is free (up to 30 minutes). Star66

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