Network Technician

DepartmentPlant SupervisorPlant Supervisor
FLSA StatusNon-exempt LocationNewcastle, WY
Date Closing Open Until Filled

Position Summary

Installs, maintains, and services telephone lines, DSL, copper and fiber cable, analog/digital/Next generation subscriber carrier systems, cable terminals, protective devices, and related equipment. Troubleshoots, analyzes, and repairs defective equipment. Installs and maintains multiline key systems, PBX’s, IT services and other non-regulated equipment. Coordinates with other departments on service installations and changes to update billing, facility and other company records. Completes all installation and repair-related forms and reports.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Installs new services and equipment for customers by installing copper and fiber drops, station protectors and network interface devices in accordance with company standards. Wires new systems using appropriate tools.
  • Maintains and repairs existing equipment by using test sets to locate and isolate line trouble. Determines necessary repairs which may include IT networks repairing copper and fiber cable, wiring, station protectors, ground connections, running new wires and replacing jacks, lids and pedestals as needed.
  • Installs, tests and maintains power systems and UPS for ONT, remote cabinets, and CPE equipment. Tests and replace batteries.
  • Installs and maintains CPE equipment like modems, switches, routers, key systems, PBX’s and other non-regulated equipment.
  • Repairs trouble in copper and fiber cable plant, drop wire, station wiring, and CPE.
  • Works with central office to diagnose and repair trouble in access and transport carrier systems, repeaters and related equipment.
  • Coordinates with other departments on service installations and changes to update billing, facility and other company records. Completes all installation and repair-related forms and reports.
  • Responsible to communicate location to Supervisor or designated individual.
  • Technicians in remote areas may have to work in the switch performing provisioning, troubleshooting, DNP’s, port outs, and other day to day functions of the Central office.
  • Performs all other related duties as assigned by management.*

*These tasks do not meet the Americans With Disabilities Act definition of essential job functions and are usually less than 5% of time spent. However, these tasks still constitute important performance aspects of the job.

Education and/or Experience

High School diploma or equivalent PLUS two years of telecommunications schooling or equivalent work experience. One to two years experience in telephone plant, construction, installation, operation and/or equipment maintenance also required.

General Information

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