Residential Services

High Speed Residential Internet for every home

RT’s high speed residential internet service can meet the changing demands of your home.  Today’s homes have multiple users and many devices connecting their home network.  RT has options to best fit how you and your family use the internet.  You can stream music, HD movies and TV shows, enjoy serious gaming action, and automate your home.  Also enjoy your favorite social media, quickly download graphic-heavy files, large documents, photos, email attachments and more instantly. High Speed Internet is fast, flexible and affordable. It will forever change the way you work, live and communicate.

Just pick the speed that best works for you and you are on your way!

Bundled High Speed Internet Services

Combine High Speed Internet Service with basic local service to receive the following discounted monthly rates for internet:

Customers signing a one-year service agreement are eligible for 10% off and free installation.


  • Download speed up to 10 mbps
  • Upload speed up to 1 mbps
  • Basic functions only – email, web surfing, basic streaming video
  • High-quality experience for 1-2 users and devices

Starting price per month:


  • Download speed up to 30 mbps
  • Upload speed up to 10 mbps
  • Basic functions plus one high-demand application such as streaming HD video, video conferencing, OR gaming
  • Up to 3 users/devices at a time

Starting price per month:


  • Download speed up to 50 mbps
  • Upload speed up to 20 mbps
  • Basic functions plus more than one high-demand application running at the same time
  • Up to 4 users/devices at a time

Starting price per month:


  • Download speed up to 100 mbps
  • Upload speed up to 100 mbps
  • Connect and run Smart Home devices
  • 5 or more users/devices at a time

Starting price per month:


  • Download speed up to 500 mbps
  • Upload speed up to 500 mbps

Starting price per month:


  • Up to 1000 Mbps download speeds
  • Up to 1000 Mbps upload speeds

Starting price per month:

Reliable, knowledgeable technical support is available 24/7 by calling 1-866-389-1565

Internet connection speeds may vary due to Websites accessed, customer location, internet congestion or customer equipment.

When purchasing a Broadband Plan from RT Communications “Up to” means the maximum broadband speed a customer can receive based on the facilities that that customer currently has with RT.  The maximum speed is based on the plan that is being purchased. For example, if a customer purchases our Basic Broadband Plan which is “Up to 15 mbps” and that customer’s copper facilities can only support 8 mbps due to the distance from our Central Office or Remote, then 8 mbps is the maximum speed for that customer’s Basic Plan.

Additional email boxes available at $2.00 per box/month. Data transfer rates are not guaranteed. Some services not available in all areas.

Broadband Only High Speed Internet

No phone service required

Basic 2.0

  • 10 mbps download speed
  • 1 mbps upload speed
  • $75.00/month

Standard 2.0

  • Download speed up to 30 mbps
  • Upload speed up to 10 mbps
  • $80.00/month

Advanced 2.0

  • 50 mbps download speed
  • 50 mbps upload speed
  • $90.00/month

Premium 2.0

  • 100 mbps download speed
  • 100 mbps upload speed
  • $130.00/month

Gigabit 2.0

  • 1000 Mbps download speeds
  • 1000 Mbps upload speeds
  • $300.00/month

Online Backup: Simple. Secure. Storage.

Safeguard the things that matter to you and never lose an important file again. SecurityCoverage Online Backup provides easy, automatic, and secure backup of your important data so you never have to worry about accidental deletion of files, hard drive failures, lost data from computer theft, or data loss from virus and spyware threats. Install it, choose what you want to back up, and then forget about it. Online Backup does the rest.

Install Online Backup on an unlimited number of computers and share your storage quota among multiple machines.

  • 5 GB Storage: $2.95 per month
  • 50 GB Storage: $7.95 per month
  • 250 GB Storage: $14.95 per month


A virtual 24/7 PC support services to keep your machine running at its very best

Total TuneUp – $49.95
We can get your PC operating at peak performance.

Virus + Spyware Removal – $89.95
We’ll remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

Complete Care – $109.95
We combine our virus & spyware removal with our PC performance tune-up at a significant savings to you.

Advanced Repair – $89.95
We can fix your more general computer problems.

OS Training & Customization – $49.95
We will show you how to get the most out of your operating system, PC or Mac.

Total Membership – $169.95
Full access to all TotalTech services for a full year.


Internet Helpdesk 855-866-4436

SecureIT 877-373-3320

Total Tech 888-723-4932




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