Residential Services

Get local service, long distance and custom calling features

Local Service Charges

  • Local Service $23.99
  • 911 Emergency Service
    • WY $0.75
    • MT $1.00
    • SD $1.25
  • FCC Single Line Residential Interstate Access $6.50
  • Communication Access Fund
    • WY $0.09
    • MT $0.10
    • Extended Area Service (EAS)
      • Call surrounding communities & it is not a long distance charge
  • Rate Areas
    • Rate Zone 1 $2.50
    • Rate Zone 2 $5.25
      • WY Universal Service Fund Credit (WUSF) – Only applies in Rate Zone 3 $3.89Rate Zone 3 $9.90

Voice Mail

Announcement $2.00/mo

Enables the subscriber to record an announcement for incoming calls. No message recording capability

Basic Voice mail $4.00/mo

Enables subscriber to manage voicemail greeting and mailbox messages from any telephone number. Listen, Save, and replay messages. Can also create custom greetings.

Unified $8.00/mo

Includes an online interface that allows the subscribers to integrate email to manage how, when and where the subscriber can be reached.

Unified Plus $10.00/mo

Additional features like Caller ID on your PC, send calls to your cell, VM or any other number. Call Rejection and seamlessly sync with Microsoft outlook contact list also included features.

Long Distance Calling Plans

Calling Plan A $.10/minute – $4.95 monthly charge
Calling Plan B $.14/minute – No monthly charge
Residential Unlimited $34.95/month

Premium Wire Care$5.00/mo

We pride ourselves on providing reliable, high quality services to our customers, but sometimes there are problems we do not have any control over. That’s where Premium Wire Care with Modem Protection comes in.

For only $5.00 a month Premium Wire Care with Modem Protection will cover the following:

  • Repair or replacement of damaged telephone wiring and jacks in your home
  • Repair or replacement of damaged DSL wiring and jacks in your home
  • Repair or replacement of DSL Modem/Router
  • Labor ($100 per hour charge)
  • Mileage charges
  • Damage due to lightning or power surge
  • Accidental damage caused by customer
  • Damage inherent to defect of equipment

This agreement does NOT cover the following situations or items:

  • Move requests
  • Telephones, answering machines, or cordless phones
  • Wiring and modems destroyed by fire, flood or natural disaster
  • Wiring that doesn’t meet minimum NEC wiring standards
  • Equipment not purchased from RT

Premium Wire Care with Modem Protection is available for residential customers only.

The annual cost of Premium Wire Care with Modem Protection ($60.00) is less than a single hour of labor or the cost of a new modem.

Some restrictions apply. Unlimited RT long distance calling plans require RT telephone service. Unlimited long distance can be added to residential service only for calling within the continental United States (i.e. Alaska and Hawaii not included) and may not be used for internet access or data transmitting. Prices exclude taxes, surcharges, and other fees. Directory assistance calls are not included in the unlimited long distance calling plan and will be billed separately. Unlimited RT long distance is for voice only. Usage may be monitored and customers may be required to show compliance if usage exceeds 3,000 minutes per month. RT reserves the right to remove any customer from the unlimited long distance plan or discontinue the plan at any time.


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