RT Will Soon Bring Gigabit Connectivity to Worland

Worland, WY. – This December RT Communications, Inc. will complete a six-year, $8.6 million fiber optic installation to the homes and businesses in the city of Worland. This is a true “Fiber-tothe-Premise” installation, with no traditional copper-based or coaxial cable involved. Once the project is complete, the homes and business will have access to a full gigabit (1,000 Mbps) fiber network, which will feature Internet speeds 100 times faster than the average speed available in Wyoming.

“This means that everyone in Worland – businesses, schools, medical facilities, libraries, commercial enterprises, and residents – will soon have access to the fastest, highest capacity internet service in the State,” said Becky Dooley, Vice-President and General Manager of RT Communications. “The FCC has challenged communities throughout the nation to make this commitment, because there are such compelling benefits to having Gigabit capacity. We are proud to meet that challenge.”

What can you do with 1Gig? The question is more what can’t you do. This kind of broadband capacity essentially future-proofs a business – supporting leading-edge applications with room to grow. Cloud-based services, virtual private networks, smart control applications, hosted phone systems, video conferencing, and full-throttle Internet for HD video streaming, and largefile transfers – these are just the tip of the iceberg.

“And we’re not stopping there,” said Dooley. “We’re only 1 year away from completing FTTP gigabit network in Thermopolis and have also started placing FTTP facilities in Newcastle.”

RT Communications is an independent telecommunications company headquartered in Worland WY. It employs 56 dedicated employees and provides telecommunications and Internet services to more than 11,000 customers in 16 communities in Wyoming and in small portions of Montana and South Dakota. RT Communications is a wholly owned subsidiary of Range Telephone Cooperative, Inc.


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